Plywood stool for children 2
8th May 2014
This sturdy stool is designed for children but also to look good in a contemporary home, with lots of interesting angles and details. It is handmade in our workshop from left-over materials, and firmly stuck together- it is not a flat-pack item! The notches in the top are to help small hands get a grip so it is easier to carry. As well as being used for sitting it can be turned upside-down to become a spacecraft, train, beast of burden etc. For adults, it is a useful size to sit on when giving the kids a bath. Some athletic people have even used them to stand on. The material used is polypropylene coated Birch plywood for the coloured versions or Birch plywood with clear acrylic lacquer for the plain. Size: 25.5cm high, 35.5cm long, 25cm wide. Weight: 3.75kg There are other versions that we can make to order; non-slip plywood decking board, leather covered, linoleum top, printing, or any ideas you have- get in touch and we can see if it is possible. Made to order items will be individually priced and will take up to 4 weeks to produce. There are also other colours of the polypropylene coated board available, but there would be a minimum order for these.

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